Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Survivants, tomes 3-5, by Leo

Second frame from third page of tome 3:

Hakim: Stop, Selkert! Manon doesn't like the spotlight. You'll make her blush.
Selkert: Apologies! But you can be proud of what you have done.

Second frame from third page of tome 4:

Antac: I'll turn around. We need an attack plan!

Second frame from third page of tome 4:

Manon: Hmm, it's like it wanted to warn us about a danger that could come from the sea.

I read the first two volumes in this set of five last year and liked them. The second part of the storuy continues in the same veing - the young folks stranded on a hostile alien planet, with friends (such as the catlike Hollorans Antac and Selkert) and enemies. I felt it petered out a bit in terms of momentum - there's a lot of capturing, getting rescued and running away - and in the end there's a somewhat awkward bridge to the rest of the series, but redeemed by a bittersweet ending, and anyway always gorgeous to look at and as naturalistically realised as a story about life on alien planets can be.

Manon: Twelve beers please.
Waiter: Twelve? There are only seven of you..
Max: Yes, but we want twelve beers all the same.
Djamile: And chips. A mountain of chips.

You can get the French originals here, here and here, and the English translations here, here and here. (Covers below are French, but link to the English.)
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