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As mentioned yesterday, I'm following the multi-platform Doctor Who "event", Time Lord Victorious, with great interest. Yesterday it was webcasts and a book; today it's comics and audios

Second frame for page three of each of the two volumes of Defender of the Daleks:, written by Jody Houser, art by Roberta Ingranata, colours by Enrica Eren Angiolini (NB an all-woman team):

I really liked this. We start promisingly with the Doctor pursued to various destinations by the Daleks, who he eventually allows to bring him to their HQ. There he meets a battered Dalek strategist, with whom he strikes an unlikely alliance against the Hond, a slightly crap monster which the Daleks are still scared of. I am reminded of my friend Ian's quip:
For the very first time, I managed to get the Kindle on my iPad to scroll through the comic frame by frame. Apparently this is standard for ebooks these days. Just brilliant.
And, sorry for spoilers but you sort of know it's going to happen, it makes the start of the final act all the more vivid:
I loved this more than I expected and perhaps more than it deserved, and I'm also not really clear how it fits the overall narrative, but you can judge for yourself by getting the first volume here and the second volume here.

In addition, Big Finish have released a double audiobook featuring the Master, both read by Jon Culshaw: "Master Thief" by Sophie Iles, with the Delgado incarnation, and "Lesser Evils" by Simon Guerrier with the Ainley version. Here's a short trailer:

In the first story, the Master attempts to infiltrate The Repository, a secure vault, to steal a map for some unexplained reason; in the second, he enounters one of the death-dealing Kotturuh, bringing immortality to an unblemished planet. Fan reaction has been generally positive, particularly to Culshaw's impressive summoning of the characterisation of both Delgado and Ainley in their different ways. I'm afraid I was a bit more meh, I found the first story a slightly by-the-numbers heist yarn, and while I loved the second story's sense of place and character, I didn't quite understand the ending - went back and listened several times, and still didn't get it. They were certainly both enjoyable enough for me to stick with the ongoing revelations for a bit longer, and I do hope that we see a bit more of the Master (or indeed Missy). You can get it here direct from Big Finish.

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