Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 5 October: Mind Robber #4, Paradise Towers #1, Remembrance of the Daleks #1

i) births and deaths

5 October 1916: birth of Ronald Leigh-Hunt, who played Commander Julian Radnor in The Seeds of Death (Second Doctor, 1969) and Commander Stevenson in Revenge of the Cybermen (Fourth Doctor, 1975).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

5 October 1968: broadcast of fourth episode of The Mind Robber. This is the one with the glorious fight between Zoe and the Karkus. Then the Tardis crew meet the Master of the Land of fiction, and Jamie and Zoe are threatened with being squashed inside a giant book...

5 October 1987: broadcast of first episode of Paradise Towers. Mel is looking for the swimming pool, and the Doctor is hailed as the Great Architect just before Richard Briers decides to have him killed.

5 October 1988: broadcast of first episode of Remembrance of the Daleks, the start of Season 25. Back at Coal Hill School in 1963, the Doctor and Ace are looking for the Hand of Omega, and Daleks can go up stairs!
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: anniversaries

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