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Whoniversaries 1 October: Hinchcliffe, Smuggs #4, Inv Enemy #1, Eye of Gorgon #1, Wedding River Song

i) births and deaths

1 October 1944: birth of Philip Hinchcliffe, producer of Doctor Who in the glory years of 1974-77 and thus responsible for many of the greatest stories of Old Who.

1 October 1999: death of Noel Johnson who played King Thous in The Underwater Menace (Second Doctor, 1967) and Sir Charles Grover in Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Third Doctor, 1974).

1 October 2008: death of Ian Collier who played Stuart Hyde in The Time Monster (Third Doctor, 1972) and Omega in Arc of Infinity (Fifth Doctor, 1983), and reprised the role of Omega in Big Finish Productions' excellent Fifth Doctor audio Omega (2003).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

1 October 1966: broadcast of fourth episode of The Smugglers. Blake and his men defeat the Smugglers, and the Tardis lands somewhere cold...

1 October 1977: broadcast of first episode of The Invisible Enemy. Contact has been made! And the old console room returns.

1 October 2007: broadcast of first episode of Eye of the Gorgon (SJA). Sinister nuns, Phyllida Law has a guest spot, and poor Alan gets turned to stone.

1 October 2011: broadcast of The Wedding of River Song, ending Series 6 of New Who. Massive violence to the timeline can only be resolved by tying the knot.
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