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The Secret in Vault 13 and The Maze of Doom, by David Solomons

Not so much bookblogging here recently because I've been in a couple of big long reading projects, all of which are now concluded. So I'll be filling in the gaps over the next few days. Here are two Thirteenth Doctor novels by the same writer, set shortly after the first series of Thirteen Doctor TV stories.

The Secret in Vault 13

Second paragraph of third chapter:
Graham was packing a case for the upcoming holiday and singing along to a playlist of seventies classics, which was being piped into the room by the TARDIS's rather fabulous - when it worked - sound system.
This is rather fun. It's a book of two halves: first of all the Doctor and friends discover the mysteries of the Galactic Seed Vault, and then they have to run about collecting the keys to open it (à la Marinus or Key To Time). Lots of continuity references for us old schoolers to spot. Written for a younger audience. You can get it here.

The Maze of Doom

Second paragraph of third chapter:
'Cool,' said Ryan, noting the top message on the display. 'I'm due five upgrades.'
Of all stories from the classic era, I had not really expected The Horns of Nimon to provide material for a New Who novel. (Bearing in mind that even The Smugglers got a sort-of sequel in The Curse of the Black Spot.) Much adventuring for our team in a secret Mediterranean base where dire things are being plotted for humanity and particularly for poor Ryan. Great fun again, not very deep. You can get it here.
Tags: bookblog 2020, doctor who, doctor who: 13, writer: david solomons

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