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  • Sun, 12:56: Fiction set in Belgium: a very brief overview for further consideration.
  • Sun, 14:48: Beyond Authenticity: the Spectre of Han Hegemony Vital analysis of Mulan by @jeannette_ng.
  • Sun, 15:18: Th�odore Jonet and his daughters Juliette and Emilie
  • Sun, 16:05: RT @mirandajewess: I have just found the best book in the whole world. It is a German grammar book from 1913. Stick with me... A THREAD htt…
  • Sun, 19:49: Flemish and Dutch friends: am I right in thinking that “werpen” is used more in Belgium and “gooien” in the Netherlands, but they both mean “throw”? Or is there a subtle difference in meaning that has passed me by?
  • Sun, 20:48: Just recalculated the farthest East I have been in my life. I had thought it was Suleimaniya, Iraq, at 45.4085E. (Visited in 2015.) But in 2012 I visited Telavi, Georgia, at 45.4833E, and returned to Tbilisi the long way round via Bakurtsikhe at 45.8594E. So Bakurtsikhe wins.
  • Mon, 08:57: That was close!
  • Mon, 09:30: Whoniversaries 14 September: Justin Richards, Peter Ling, Mind Robber #1, Time & Rani #2
  • Mon, 10:45: RT @sturdyAlex: In fairness, this gov’t did the Japan deal in a rush, have probably not read it, almost certainly not understood it, and th…
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