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Whoniversaries 13 September: Ace Bhatti, Zygons #3, Hive #3, Planet #2, Battlefield #2, Listen

i) births and deaths

13 September 1914: birth of Max Rosenberg, producer of the 1960s Dalek films.

13 September 1915: birth of Alan Bromly, director of The Time Warrior (Third Doctor, 1973-74) and Nightmare of Eden (Fourth Doctor, 1979).

13 September 1969: birth of Ace Bhatti, who played Rani's father Haresh in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

13 September 1975: broadcast of episode three of Terror of the Zygons. Harry saves the Doctor; Sarah rescues Harry; the Zygon ship takes off for London.

13 September 1980: broadcast of third episode of The Leisure Hive. The aged Doctor and Romana start to uncover the secrets of Argolis; one of the Argolins is uncovered as a disguised Foamasi.

13 September 1986: broadcast of second episode of The Mysterious Planet (ToaTL #2). The Doctor and Peri, with new friends Glitz abnd Dibber, are trapped between the tribesfolk and the nassty robot...

13 September 1989: broadcast of second episode of Battlefield. Modern troops do battle with ancient magic; the Doctor and Ace discover Arthur's tomb, and trigger a water trap (which proved very dangerous in the studio)

13 September 2014: broadcast of Listen. The Doctor looks into his own childhood - one of my favourite Twelfth Doctor episodes.
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