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January 2008 books

We saw in the new year multinationally, with Belgian friends coming for dinner and cooking a raclette for us (very nice) and then the brother-in-law and his Eastern European fiancée showing up in time for the fireworks. One of F's Christmas presents was a meccano-style Shark Run roller-coaster, which he set up pretty much single-handed.

A modest start to the year with eleven books.

Non-fiction 2
Endgame in Ireland, by Eamonn Mallie and David McKittrick
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, by T.E. Lawrence

Non-genre 1
An Instance of the Fingerpost, by Iain Pears

SF 5
The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable, by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Paul Kidby
Again, Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellison
The Rising of the Moon, by Flynn Connolly
Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice
National Lampoon's Doon, by Ellis Weiner

Doctor Who 2
Doctor Who - Fury from the Deep, by Victor Pemberton
The City of the Dead, by Lloyd Rose

Comics 1
Macedonia, by Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson, illustrated by Ed Piskor

4300 pages
4/11 by women
none by PoC

Best books of the month: An Instance of the Fingerpost, which you can get here, and The Last Hero, which you can get here. Worst by far: Interview with the Vampire, which you can get here.
Tags: bookblog 2008, bookblog nostalgia

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