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Whoniversaries 10 September: Smugglers #1, Horror #2, Paradise #3, Lost Souls, The Girl Who Waited

i) births and deaths

10 September 1944: birth of Graham Weston, who played Boer War soldier Russell in The War Games (Second Doctor, 1969) and De Haan in Planet of Evil (Fourth Doctor, 1975)

10 September 1998: death of Carl Forgione, who played the meditator Land in Planet of the Spiders (Thord Doctor, 1974) and the Neanderthal butler Nimrod in Ghost Light (Seventh Doctor, 1989).

ii) broadcast aniversaries

10 September 1966: broadcast of first episode of The Smugglers, starting the original Season 4. Polly and Ben are astonished to discover that the Tardis is more than a police box, and incredulous at being transported to the late eighteenth century. The local churchwarden gives them a cryptic message and is promptly murdered; Ben and Polly are arrested by the locals, and the Doctor captured by pirates.

10 September 1977: broadcast of episode 2 of Horror of Fang Rock. The shipwreck survivors reach the lighthouse, but an unseen presence is stalking them...

10 September 1993: radio broadcast of episode 3 of The Paradise of Death. The Doctor, Sarah, Jeremy and the Brigadier reach the planet Parakon and are embroiled in a power struggle over agriculture (no, really).

10 September 2008: radio broadcast of Lost Souls (Torchwood). As the Large Hadron Collider at CERN gears up for opening, the Torchwood crew and Martha are summoned to Geneva to investigate mysterious goings-on.

10 September 2011: broadcast of The Girl Who Waited. Poor Amy gets caught in a horrible timewarp.
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