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September 2007 books

We spent September 2007 pretty much in limbo waiting for word on B's future accommodation once she returned home after a couple of weeks' respite. At work my Italian intern V left (she went off to run refugee camps and is now raising her family) and was replaced by a Dane, also V (who charmed me on her arrival by revealing that as an exchange student at Michigan State University she had actually shaken hands with Gerald Ford). I had one trip to London, where clanwilliam and gmh put me up.

I read only 13 books, what with ongoing stress.

Non-fiction 8 (YTD 65)
About Time: The Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who, 1970-1974, by Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood
Eminent Churchillians, by Andrew Roberts
The Prophet Muhammad: A Biography, by Barnaby Rogerson
The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad and the Roots of the Sunni-Shia Schism, by Barnaby Rogerson

Starling of the White House, by Colonel Edmund W. Starling (as told to Thomas Sugrue)
Athens-Skopje: an uneasy symbiosis, ed. Evangelos Kofos and Vlasis Vlasidis
Μακεδονία (Macedonia): a Greek term in modern usage, [Georgia Daidikou and Anna Pasali]

Belfast, c. 1600 to c. 1900: The Making of the Modern City, by Raymond Gillespie and Stephen A. Royle

Non-genre 2 (YTD 26)
The Nero Prediction, by Humphry Knipe
The Guermantes Way, by Marcel Proust

SF 1 (YTD 58)
First Lensman, by E.E. "Doc" Smith

Comics 2 (YTD 18)
Preacher [#6]: War in the Sun, by Garth Ennis
The Age of Chaos, by Colin Baker

3,800 pages (YTD 56,900)
1/13 by women (YTD 47/193)
None by PoC (YTD 4/193)

My two favourite books of the month were the longest and the shortest: Proust's second volume, which you can get here, and the lovely wee guide to the history of Belfast, which you can get here. Wooden spoon to E.E. "Doc" Smith's First Lensman, which you can get here.

Tags: bookblog 2007, bookblog nostalgia

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