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Whoniversaries 16 August: Janet Henfrey, Robert Pugh, Rachel Talalay, Real Time #3, Gwen Cooper (?)

i) births and deaths

16 August 1935: birth of Janet Henfrey, who played Miss Hardaker in The Curse of Fenric (Seventh Doctor, 1989) and Mrs Pitt in Mummy on the Orient Express (Twelfth Doctor, 2014).

16 August 1950: birth of Robert Pugh, who played the aged Jonah in the 2008 Torchwood episode Adrift, and local villager Tony Mack in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (Eleventh Doctor, 2010).

16 August 1958: birth of Rachel Talalay, who directed all three Twelfth Doctor finales and the regeneration story Twice Upon a Time (2017). She is a source of much wisdom; my favourite story from her is that she asked a taxi driver not to give away spoilers for the latest Marvel film, and in exchange he asked her if she'd ever seen this amazing comic book movie from the 90's called Tank Girl. Which she directed.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

16 August 2002: webcast of episode 3 of Real Time. More messing around the time portal with Six, Evelyn and the Cybermen. Turns out the Tardis won't fit through it.

iii) dates specified in canon and spinoff fiction

16 August 1978: possibly birth of Gwen Cooper, who grows up to be a Cardiff policewoman who joins Torchwood. (Though other sources say 5 May.)

16 August 1979: The First Doctor and Susan encounter the snail-like Slarvians who are planning to take over Earth by hatching their eggs all over the planet. (As told in Samantha Baker's "Childhood Living", in the 2006 Short Trips: The Centenarian anthology).

16 August 2017: a holiday liner sank, as revealed in The Enemy of the World (Second Doctor, 1968).

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