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Whoniversaries 24 July: Harry Towb, The Time Meddler #4, The Sixth Doctor meets Mel

i) births and deaths

24 July 2009: death of Harry Towb, who gets killed off by the Ice Warriors as Osgood in The Seeds of Death (Second Doctor, 1969) and by the Master as McDermott in Terror of the Autons (Third Doctor, 1971). As McDermott he uses the best Ulster accent ever heard on Old Who (there have been a couple in New Who who were at the same level). Here he is, dying twice.
The Seeds of Death Terror of the Autons
Osgood bids his farewell as he heads up to the moon... McDermott is puzzled by the plastics factory...
...disappearing in the T-Mat booth... ...and the new advisor with the natty beard... find that his management problems... ...who wants to show him a new invention...
...have been made worse by... ...the chair you can just sink into...
...the unseen intruders (the Ice Warriors)... ...this is the forerunner of the bin that eats Mickey in "Rose"...
...who shoot him. And he dies. ...and so McDermott dies.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

24 July 1965 - broadcast of 'Checkmate', the fourth episode of the story we now call The Time Meddler, ending the original second season. The Monk reveals his plans to equip Harold Godwinsson's army with atomic bazookas to change history. The Doctor outwits him and sabotages his Tardis. Closing titles play over arty shots of Steven, Vicki and the Doctor against a starry background.

24 July 2010: First perfomance of that year's Doctor Who at the Proms.

iii) date specified in-universe

24 July 1794: Setting of much of "Guests of Madame Guillotine", the second episode of the 1964 First Doctor story we now call The Reign of Terror.

24 July 1989: the Sixth Doctor meets Mel Bush for the first time, in Gary Russell's 1997 novel Business Unusual.

24 July 6012: Setting of The Doctor's Daughter (Tenth Doctor, 2008).

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