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Whoniversaries 15 July: Edmund Warwick, Angus McKay, Geoffrey Burgon, Miles Richardson, Rendition

i) births and deaths

15 July 1907: birth of Edmund Warwick, who played Darrius in The Keys of Marinus (First Doctor, 1964) and the Doctor’s robot double in The Chase (First Doctor, 1965).

15 July 1926: birth of Angus McKay, who played Cardinal Borusa in The Deadly Assassin (Fourth Doctor, 1976) and Sellick the headmaster in Mawdryn Undead (Fifth Doctor, 1982). (NB: Embarrassingly, I originally posted the wrong Borusa here. Now corrected.)

15 July 1941: birth of Geoffrey Burgon, who composed the memorable incidental music for Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom, and also the music for Monty Python's Life of Brian and much else besides.

15 July 1963: birth of Miles Richardson. I don’t usually note actors who have only appeared in Big Finish, but this is a special case, as suave exiled timelord Irving Braxiatel is such a core figure to the audio branch of the Who mythos. In one story, In Living Memory, Braxiatel is brainwashed into believing that he is an actor called Miles Richardson...

ii) broadcast anniversary

15 July 2011: broadcast of Rendition, second of the fourth series of Torchwood. Jack and Gwen are unwillingly transported to America, and Jack survives poisoning.
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