Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

1945 Retro Hugo finalists and 2020 Hugo finalists in the Artist categories

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. Here are my favourite pieces from the artists on this year's Hugo and Retro Hugo ballots - for 1945 artists, I'm giving two full pieces each, and for 2020 artists, it'll be a part of one favourite work,

1945 Retro Hugo finalists, Best Professional Artist

Earle K. Bergey - specialises in impressively cleavaged ladies being defended from horror by dynamic chaps.

Margaret Brundage: her only work this year was in the May 1944 Weird Tales, cover and some internal art.

Boris Dolgov: also mostly Weird Tales, quite atmospheric, nothing in colour this year as far as I can see.

Matt Fox: a bit more into the eldritch horrors.

Paul Orban: more thoughtful perhaps.

William Timmins: seems to have done the only planetscapes I have found (maybe I didn't look hard enough).

2020 Best Professional Artist

Tommy Arnold
Rovina Cai
Galen Dara
John Picacio
Yuko Shimizu
Alyssa Winans

2020 Best Fan Artist
Iain Clark
Sara Felix
Grace P. Fong
Meg Frank
Ariela Housman
Elise Matthesen

All lovely stuff; ranking "No Award" 7th in all three categories.
Tags: hugos 2020

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