Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 11 July

i) births and deaths

11 July 1925: birth of David Graham, who did loads of Dalek voices in Old Who as well as the Peter Cushing films, and also appeared on screen twice, as Charlie the Barman in The Gunfighters (First Doctor, 1965) and Professor Kerensky in City of Death (Fourth Doctor, 1979). They both die horribly, but he is still alive as far as I know - happy 95th birthday, David!

11 July 1945: birth of Michael Pickwoad, BBC Wales production designer who created the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor Tardis sets and also designed Class (died in 2018).

11 July 1957: birth of Trevor Laird, who played Frax in the story most of us call Mindwarp (Sixth Doctor, 1986) and then Martha Jones' father Clive in the second Tenth Doctor season in 2007.

ii) broadcast anniversary

11 July 1964: broadcast of 'Hidden Danger', the third episode of the story we now refer to as The Sensorites, having been postponed for a week because of Wimbledon and cricket. Starts with Susan being uncharacteristically assertive against her grandfather, the Doctor (this is one of her best stories as a character). Team Tardis (apart from Barbara, who will get a couple of weeks off) then travel to the city of the Sensorites, who are internally divided about talking to them; and as they sit down to eat, Ian collapses to the ground, poisoned. (Cue theme music.)
iii) date specified in-universe

11 July 1982: was the day of the World Cup final 38 years ago (also 10 years ago when I first did this post). Little did anyone realise that the Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard were averting invasion of Earth by the Threllips, as revealed in the Big Finish audio special, Living Legend (a successfully humorous short play which is actually FREE to download, so go ahead, do it).
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