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Whoniversaries 10 July

i) births and deaths

10 July 1941: birth of Jackie Lane, who played companion Dodo Chaplet in early 1966. There is some fan lore that she was born in 1947, but this is clearly contradicted by Nicholas Briggs' Reeltime interview with her, as well as by the story that she was considered for the original part of Susan and lost out on A Taste of Honey to Rita Tushingham in 1961. There is also some confusion with a slightly older starlet, Jocelyn Lane, who married Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Of all the living former companions, Jackie Lane has had by far the lowest profile, but here she is in Paris in 2010:

10 July 1970: birth of John Simm, the first Master of New Who.

ii) broadcast anniversaries

10 July 1965: broadcast of the "The Meddling Monk", the second episode of the story we now call The Time Meddler, in which William Hartnell takes the week off, the Doctor being imprisoned by the eponymous monk, and Vikings attack a Saxon woman in a scene that would certainly be toned down if written for today's show. Steven and Vicki finally find the Doctor's cell; but he has gone.

10 July 2009: broadcast of the fifth and final episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Jack sacrifices his own grandson to save the world, and then zooms off into the sky, leaving Gwen and Rhys (and their imminent baby) as the only survivors of Torchwood Three.
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