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De dag waarop de bus zonder haar vertrok/ ze haar vlucht nam, by Béka, Marko, and Maëla Cosson

Second frame of third chapter of De dag waarop de bus zonder haar vertrok:

This time nothing else can go wrong...

Second frame of third chapter of De dag waarop ze haar vlucht nam:

*giggle* For the first time in my life I am doing something crazy! I am heading off!
Just like that! I'm taking a plane to go visit people who I don't even know!

These looked promising on the shelf in FNAC, so I bought them for Anne for Christmas, and have now got around to them myself. I was a bit annoyed to realise, soon after starting, that I had actually got Dutch translations of the original French bandes dessinées - Le jour où le bus est reparti sans elle and Le jour où elle a pris son envol. (There are two more volumes, Le jour où elle n'a pas fait Compostelle and Le jour où il a suivi sa valise.) It was fairly easy to spot because the architecture of the city where our protagonist lives is very obviously Parisian. The creators are a bit less obvious; the writer is credited as "Béka", the joint pseudonym of Bertrand Escaich and Caroline Roque, and the artist as "Marko", the pen-name of Marc Armspach. Maëla Cosson seems to be the colorist's real name, but the Dutch-language translator is identified only as "Xmed". I'm not in a position to judge how accurate the translation is, but it's idiomatic and comfortable at least.

The first book is rather charming, as Clementien (presumably Clémentine in the original), heading off to a yoga weekend with a bunch of people she doesn't know, is left behind during a pit stop and approaches enlightenment with Antoine, the wise and kindly owner of the roadside motel/café where she has ended up. Many Zen parables are told. In the second book, she puts her life on hold to go to Berlin and find further enlightenment and Zen parables, and to be honest it doesn't work as well; the joke perhaps has worn a bit thin. I'm not really inclined to seek out the third volume. However, the first is recommended.

You can get the first volume in the original French here, and the second in the original French here. They have not yet been translated into English, but I see Spanish listings too. I suspect that if you want to refresh your French fairly painlessly, this would be a good way of doing that.
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