Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Whoniversaries 6 July

i) births and deaths

6 July 1935: birth of Derrick Goodwin, director of The Invisible Enemy (Fourth Doctor, 1977).

6 July 1979: death of Malcolm Hulke, co-author of The Faceless Ones (Second Doctor, 1967), The War Games (Second Doctor, 1969) and (uncredited) The Ambassadors of Death (Third Doctor, 1970), sole author of Doctor Who and the Silurians (also Third Doctor, 1970), Colony in Space (Third Doctor, 1971), The Sea Devils (Third Doctor, 1972), Frontier in Space (Third Doctor, 1973), and Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Third Doctor, 1974), and writer of seven novelisations (DW&t Cave-Monsters, DW&t Doomsday Weapon, DW&t Sea Devils, DW&t Green Death, DW&t Dinosaur Invasion, DW&t Space War and DW&t War Games) and co-writer of The Making of Doctor Who. His stories showed a commitment to politics and a mild obsession with reptiles. See also the short pamphlet by Michael Herbert, Doctor Who and the Communist.

ii) broadcast anniversary

6 July 2009: broadcast of the first episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth, with the children stopping in place and chanting, and sinister goings-on at the top of the government; at the end Jack gets blown up in the Hub, and the wains chant "We are coming back". Thrilling stuff.

iii) date specified in-universe

6 July was the planned date of The Android Invasion.
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