Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Doctor Who Annual 2020

Second paragraph of third section ("The Rhino of Twenty-Three Strand Street", by Dave Rudden):
Patricia Kiernan didn’t say it because she thought anyone was listening; people didn’t listen to Patricia, as a rule.
Wow. This really is lazy stuff. The latest Doctor Who Annual consists of two extracts from books that I already had, with summaries of each story from Series 11 (or 37), the Thirteenth Doctor's first series, as filler in between; and that's basically it. Even less thought has been put into this year's annual than last year's, and not surprisingly none of the editorial team wants to be credited by name. I have occasionally commented that this book or that play is really only for completists; I'm not sure I could even go that far with the 2020 Annual. What a disappointment. You can get it here if you really want.
Tags: bookblog 2020, doctor who, doctor who: 13

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