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February 2007 books

February 2007 was the historic month that I joined Facebook. The travel highlight was a trip to the USA, taking in New York and Washington DC as usual, and finishing in very snowy Rockport, Maine, where I spoke at the annual Camden Conference:

Also more Doctor Who fan art from young F, this time a crossover with Spongebob - what if he partly changed his house into the Tardis?

Transatlantic travel and uninterrupted commuting by train allowed me to read quite a lot of books:

Non-fiction 9 (YTD 16)
A Soldier in Time: The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs, by Nicholas Courtney
About Time: The Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who, 1966-1969, by Tat Wood and Lawrence Miles
Endgame in the Balkans: Regime Change, European Style, by Elizabeth Pond
The Three Yugoslavias, by Sabrina P. Ramet

Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? And 114 Other Questions, edited by Mick O'Hare
James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, by Julie Phillips
The Iraq Study Group Report, co-chairs James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, Executive Director Daniel Serwer
William Howard Taft: A Conservative's Conception of the Presidency, by Donald F. Anderson
1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft and Debs - the Election That Changed the Country, by James Chace

Non-genre 2 (YTD 6)
The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
Murder at the Worldcon, by J.D. Crayne

sf 6 (YTD 13)
Idolon, by Mark Budz
Mindscape, by Andrea Hairston
Carnival, by Elizabeth Bear

Spin State, by Chris Moriarty
Recursion, by Tony Ballantyne
Catalyst, by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Doctor Who 4 (YTD 5)
Salvation, by Steve Lyons
Bunker Soldiers, by Martin Day
The Man in the Velvet Mask, by Daniel O'Mahony
Who Killed Kennedy?, by James Stevens and David Bishop

Comics 3 (YTD 5)
Preacher [#4]: Ancient History, by Garth Ennis
The Invisibles [#1]: Say You want A Revolution, by Grant Morrison
100%, by Paul Pope

7,900 pages (YTD 14,400)
8/24 (YTD 12/45) by women
1/24 (YTD 2/45) by PoC

Tags: bookblog 2007, bookblog nostalgia

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