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Much lighter than Picard, we also watched the six episodes of Staged, a comedy starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen as two actors called David Tennant and Michael Sheen, with their wives Georgia and Anna playing fictionalised versions of themselves, and writer/director Simon Evans and his sister Anna playing fictional versions of themselves too. There are also cameo appearances from a couple of very big names as themselves, and Nina Sosanya plays the funder of a theatrical production of a play that David and Michael have signed up for. Here's the BBC trailer:
It's not deep, but it is funny and we hugely enjoyed it; Tennant and Sheen allow their Scottish and Welsh selves to emerge a bit more than sometimes happens when they are playing English characters, and the weird working environment of lockdown is captured rather recognisably for all of us who are in that situation. The banter between the two is very funny and seems utterly spontaneous, which is always the sign of good production. Recommended.
Tags: #davidtennant, #staged, tv

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