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October 2006 books

The major personal developments for me in October 2006 were breaking the news of my imminent job change to colleagues and friends, and also finding a daycare place for B, whose behaviour was becoming too difficult for her special school to cope with. We had some diversion also at work when it was rumoured that we might get the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. (We didn't.) My foreign trips were a rather weird one-day trip to Ankara, Turkey, (the only time I have been there); a much less weird conference in Chişinău, Moldova; and a half-term visit to my sister in Burgundy at the end of the month, taking in the Eiffel Tower en route (inspired by Barnaby Bear). Here's the view from the top (well, as far as we could get), with F (aged 7) practicing to be a teenager.

Sadly this was also the month that we lost David Stewart, of Irish sf fandom.

As well as enjoying I, Claudius and the first episodes of Torchwood, I did read a few books.

Non-fiction 3 (YTD 53)
Confessions, by St Augustine
Charlotte Brontë's Promised Land, by Eric Ruijssenaars
A Wayfarer in Sweden, by Frederic Whyte

Non-genre 4 (YTD 28)
Villette, by Charlotte Brontë
The Color Purple, by Alice Walker
The File on H, by Ismail Kadarë
One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

SF 8 (YTD 62)
The Syſtem of the World, by Neal Stephenſon
The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold
Star Songs of an Old Primate, by James Tiptree Jr
Nine Princes in Amber, by Roger Zelazny
The Guns of Avalon, by Roger Zelazny
Sign of the Unicorn, by Roger Zelazny
The Hand of Oberon, by Roger Zelazny
The Courts of Chaos, by Roger Zelazny

Doctor Who 1 (YTD 12)
The Scales of Injustice, by Gary Russell

5,100 pages (YTD 48,200)
4/16 (YTD 29/160) by women
1/16 (YTD 8/160) by PoC

My own all-time favourite of my reviews was my write-up of The Syſtem of the World, by Neal Stephenſon.

The best book of the month was Ismail Kadarë's Albanian tale The File on H, which you can get here (I enjoyed it a lot more than the most recent book I read by the same author). And the first Chronicles of Amber remain a guilty pleasure; you can get them in a single volume here. I thought The Lovely Bones was an awful book, but you can get it here if you want.
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