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  • Sun, 20:49: RT @Petrit: @nwbrux Wait, what... you were administrator of Hugo awards?
  • Sun, 20:51: The former foreign minister of Kosovo discovers my secrets.
  • Mon, 07:30: RT @BSFA: Winner of The BSFA Award for Best Shorter Fiction: Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone – This is How You Lose the Time War (Jo Fletch…
  • Mon, 07:30: RT @BSFA: Winner of the BSFA Award for Best Non-Fiction: Farah Mendlesohn – The Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein (Unbound)
  • Mon, 07:31: RT @BSFA: Winner of the BSFA Award for Best Artwork: Chris Baker (Fangorn) – Cover for ‘Wourism and Other Stories’ by Ian Whates (Luna Pre…
  • Mon, 07:31: RT @BSFA: Winner of the BSFA Award for Best Novel: Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Ruin (Tor)
  • Mon, 08:40: RT @alexstubb: My short read. Process: 1. Crisis. 2. Chaos. 3. Sub-optimal solution. Players: 1. Commission. 2. Member states. 3. Europ…
  • Mon, 10:45: RT @drmuig: Oh! Listen!
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    Fri, 12:07: Many congrats to the new German Minister of Agriculture, @ Cem_Oezdemir - was tremendously helpful back when he was first an MEP.…

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    Thu, 12:56: Characteristically witty and incisive from David O’Sullivan. Thu, 15:54: RT @ OctothorpeCast: @…

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    Wed, 14:11: RT @ Tomfan_photos: Happy Dr Who day from Tom! #DoctorWhoDay Wed, 16:05: The Belgian city where the…

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