Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

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  • Thu, 10:38: RT @pmdfoster: Nothing like being rewarded for delivering the goods. #resh
  • Thu, 10:39: RT @MichaelAodhan: Julian, I've worked with 11 SoSNIs in various guises and you have been one of the very best. Forthright, honest and genu…
  • Thu, 10:39: RT @jamiepow: For all the talk of bridges lately, the PM has sacked someone who has actually helped to build relationships within NI and ac…
  • Thu, 10:39: RT @pmdfoster: One of the really good, serious guys is gone. If Geoffrey Cox follows, that'll be two of the 'brakes' gone.
  • Thu, 10:45: RT @jasonomahony: You know, I’d say we’d all agree to stop going on about Sinn Fein’s past if Sinn Fein agreed to stop going on about Sinn…
  • Thu, 10:47: RT @hayward_katy: "This will be a hugely unpopular decision in both Belfast & Dublin, & will leave some wondering why the PM would sack a s…
Tags: #ifadgc, #resh, twitter

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