Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Roots and Wings: Ten Lessons of Motherhood that Helped Me Create and Run a Company, by Margery Kraus

Second paragraph of third chapter:
It isn’t easy to achieve your dreams; it takes commitment and hard work, along with the courage to take risks.
You may not have heard of Margery Kraus, but she is very important in my own life, in that she founded my employer, APCO Worldwide, in 1984 and remains our Executive Chairman. (Incidentally, the commemoration of the 1984 date explains why I dressed up as a Ghostbuster for last year's Christmas party.) This is quite a short book in which she explains her personal philosophy, and how she links her family life to running the company (which does have rather a family atmosphere about it). There are lots of illustrations, and I learned a lot about the author's early life - like many Americans, her family fled Nazi Europe; unlike many, they stopped off in Cuba for a number of years en route; she also had early business experience assisting her father in running a football team. It's a personal account of her career, including one or two incidents that I recognised from my own five years with the company. An interesting snapshot of the life (or lives) of a woman who has been successful in business while also managing her family. You can get it here.
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