Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My top tweets of 2019

I've been fiddling around with the methodology of rating top tweets using the analytics that Twitter provides, and I've finally come up with a solution that satisfies me - rank them all, by all the rankings available; and add together the reciprocal of each ranking to get an overall score. That gives me a top 22 which I am goign to share with you. Tough, it's my blog.

In 22nd place, election day commentary and the one and only tweet of the year that got an app opened (whatever that means):

21) Start of a bitter thread commenting on the UK's Foreign Office.

20) End of a long and bitter thread predicting No Deal as the most likely outcome of Brexit:

19) Jeannette Ng's speech from the Hugo ceremony.

18) The Twitter version of the crowdsourcing question, which led to a blog post and then my Five Books interview:

17) Start of another pessimistic Brexit thread.

16) A nice little video moment from the British parliament attempting to twist Sir Ivan Rogers, who played a straight bat in return (if that is the right metaphor):

15) One of a series of tweets (that got misinterpreted by a Belfast journalist), projecting the local government election votes onto the Westminster constituency boundaries.

14) The Flemish press came up with a good term for Boris Johnson.

13) Another Brexit thread, this time critiquing a POLITICO article.

12) Not very surprisingly, this got the most permalink clicks of the year.

11) Science fiction meets commentary on the UK Supreme Court.

10) In the run up to the Hugo voting deadline, some votes were very close.

9) Another of the tweets projecting local election results in Northern Ireland to Westminster constituency boundaries.

8) One of the two most successful local election commentary tweets.

7) The Twitter version of my most commented post on Facebook for the year - this also got the most replies of any of my posts on Twitter.

6) Start of my local government elections thread. It got the most "detail expands", whatever that means.

5) My most popular local election tweet - I think because it was a fairly early result, and a dramatic one. Also got the most hashtag clicks (on #LE19).

4) My best scoring tweet from European election commentary. I'm pleased with this picture. I had just taken one with Naomi Long and Diane Dodds looking away, and Martina Anderson looking at me; as I took it, Martina Anderson said my name and the other two immediately looked in my direction, so I got this much better shot as well.

3) The best performing of my tweets on the local election votes, projected to the Westminster boundaries, and also had the highest :engagement rate" (whatever that is) of any of my 2019 tweets. South Belfast is a very volatile seat.

2) Another of my long Brexit threads. This one got me the most new followers. (Five, which is the same as the equivalent tweet last year.)

1) Top tweet of the year, by a long way. It got the most impressions, most engagements, most retweets, most likes, most user profile clicks, most url clicks, most media views and most media engagements of all of my 2019 tweets. Sadly the content is not original, but deserved to be reposted.
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