Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

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  • Sat, 12:56: RT @erikgahner: Here is why I still trust data from Eurobarometer. I am not saying it's perfect (no data is), but I would like to see evide…
  • Sat, 14:48: Hyderabad encounter: Slippery slope of extrajudicial killings leads to infinite darkness and not justice…
  • Sat, 15:27: My Fair Lady (1964), Pygmalion (1938) and the original script by Bernard Shaw
  • Sat, 20:01: My week on Twitter 🎉: 40 Mentions, 122 Likes, 49 Retweets, 5.65M Retweet Reach, 9 Replies. See yours with…
  • Sun, 11:59: RT @ProfTimBale: Probably the most profound paragraph about British politics you'll read throughout this whole sorry election campaign. By…
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