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  • Sun, 05:01: RT @eucopresident: The extension request has just arrived. I will now start consulting EU leaders on how to react. #Brexit
  • Sun, 09:16: RT @tnewtondunn: The 2nd letter to Tusk. At no stage in it does PM say he will refuse to accept the 3 month extension he has just (albeit v…
  • Sun, 09:23: RT @MarkJohnstonLD: EU-27 ambassadors meet to discuss UK request for more time at 09h30 *today* (Sun). Capitals sign-off by written procedu…
  • Sun, 10:16: RT @tom_nuttall: Given that Tusk accepted the letter, signed or not, as a legitimate extension request, we should be spending a) less time…
  • Sun, 10:17: RT @davidallengreen: And after all "Number Ten Source" briefings and bluster, and clever-seeming amateur hour wheezes to evade Benn Act br…
  • Sun, 10:42: RT @davidallengreen: Boris Johnson surrendered to the Surrender Act
  • Sun, 10:45: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married 73 years, longer than most presidents’ lifespans - The Washington Post…
Tags: #brexit, twitter
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