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  • Thu, 20:45: RT @DanielAtkinson7: Varadkar has carefully managed the reporting of Johnson meeting. Allowed narrative to develop that Johnson has moved t…
  • Fri, 10:45: RT @rice_e: This is not the biggest crisis of Boris Johnson's career. Let us never forget the time he lost an ancient Greek rap-off to Mich…
Tags: #brexit, #nobelprize, #stormont, twitter

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    More or less on a whim (and a couple of positive recommendations seen on Facebook) I made a rare excursion to the cinema, my first since the…

  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense won the first Nebula Award for Best Script for 22 years, after the original Star Wars in 1978. The other 1999 finalists were The…

  • American Beauty

    American Beauty won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1998, and four others: Best Director (Sam Mendes), Best Actor (Kevin Spacey), Best Original…

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