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Doctor Who: 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things, by Justin Richards

In a break from my usual practice, here’s the entry for today, 20 September:
The Doctor Meets Two Loch Ness Monsters

The group of Zygons whose spaceship crash-landed in Loch Ness lived beneath the loch for centuries before they discovered their home planet had been destroyed and decided to conquer Earth in Terror of the Zygons (1975). They brought with them an embryo Skarasen, which grew into a huge dinosaur-like armoured cyborg. The Zygons depended upon its lactic fluid for sustenance, and used it as a defence and a weapon. Over the years, people caught glimpses of the Skarasen as it swam in the loch, or travelled across local land, and it became known as the Loch Ness Monster. When the Zygons were defeated and their spaceship destroyed, the Skarasen returned from London - where the Fourth Doctor had prevented it from attacking an energy conference - to Loch Ness, the only home it knew.

But the Skarasen may not be the only monster in Loch Ness. In Timelash (1985), the Sixth Doctor encountered the mutated ruler of the planet Karfel - the Borad. Although he appeared to his people as a soft-spoken old man, the real Borad was a mutated scientist named Magellan - who was fused with a reptilian Morlox when an experiment involving Mustakozene-80 went wrong and Magellan and the Morlox creature underwent spontaneous tissue amalgamation. The result was the Borad - a combined mutant with greater strength, intellect and longevity, who intended to repeat the experiment to create a consort for himself - using the Doctor's companion Peri.

Defeated by the Doctor, the Borad fell into the Timeiash, a time corridor that transported him back to twelfth-century Scotland, close to Loch Ness. Whether the Borad survived as another Loch Ness Monster, or was killed by the Skarasen, the Zygons, or someone else is unknown.
1975 Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart makes his last regular appearance in Terror of the Zygons Part 4.

1980 The Leisure Hive Part 4

1986 The Trial of a Time Lord Part 3

1989 Battlefield Part 3

2014 Time Heist
Justin Richards is the most prolific of New Who authors, and has more hits than misses; this is a very nice if basic assembly of 366 short pieces about Old Who and New Who stories and characters (including one for 29 February), about half of which are related to the anniversary of a relevant broadcast episode. There is nothing here that is surprising to any long-term fan, but I found it an attractive format. (I tried doing something similar myself with my Whoniversary blog posts a few years back but I cannot claim that it was better than this.) Published in 2016, so it takes us up to The Husbands of River Song, the second Peter Capaldi season. You can get it here.

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