Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

True Stories, ed. Xanna Eve Chown

Second paragraph of third story ("Fast Contact", by Matthew Griffith):
‘Hello, my name’s Bernice.’ His skin is not nearly so rough as I was expecting. He bows his head and, anticipating his kiss, I slip my hand away and smile firmly.
Six short stories set in a slightly different universe to Benny's original environment. I liked the first two most, "Hue and Cry" by Kate Orman and Q and "Never the Way" by Jonathan Blum and Rupert Booth. I might have liked others more if I were more au fait with the continuity. You can get it here.

Only one Bernice Summerfield book left!
Tags: bookblog 2019, doctor who, doctor who: companions: benny, writer: jonathan blum, writer: kate orman, writer: xanna eve chown

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