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  • Thu, 07:29: RT @davidallengreen: Thinking about this the next morning If your absolute political priority is either to stop Brexit or to stop a No Dea…
  • Thu, 09:15: RT @justsnoozing: To put this into context 10k lorries enter UK thru Dover alone every day, that would require 2k Boeing 747s everyday whic…
  • Thu, 10:45: Key point, not grasped by Cameron, May or Johnson.
  • Thu, 11:16: RT @law_and_policy: "Mr Corbyn writes a letter" Why opponents of a No Deal Brexit and to Brexit should support the Corbyn approach - at le…
  • Thu, 11:33: RT @jonlis1: Another excellent point. It’s time for the Lib Dems to ask themselves, and then tell the country, what actually is their great…
Tags: #worldcon2019, twitter

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