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My top tweets, first half of 2019

I'm hoping to raise my Twitter profile to a bit better than my 2018 ranking of 39th of the 40 top EU influencers (or even 37th as I managed in 2017). These are my top 25 tweets so far in 2019 (from various rankings extracted from Twitter analytics):


A visceral reaction to a Boris Johnson piece about Bloody Sunday.


First of many tweets from the European Parliament election count for Northern Ireland, this one sent just after I had arrived.


A sensible contribution to the culture wars; at least, I thought so, and felt it deserved wider dissemination.


One of two particularly well-performing tweets from the Northern Ireland local elections count at the start of May. I think this did well because it was fairly early in the afternoon of the results, and a lot of people gloated about the TUV.


Also from the local election results. Not sure why this one did particularly well, but I guess there were several points of interest.


This really did upset me - scandalously, it took Karen Bradley several days to walk back this disastrous statement, culminating in the classic line, "It is factually wrong. It is not what I believe." The perception of callous incompetence remains


End of one of my twitter threads about Brexit, which was picked up by a couple of more visible Tweeters.


My quick summary of one of the turning points in the Brexit process.


Preparations for the 2019 Hugos, explained at greater length here.


Flagging up my local elections broadcasts.


I've found Peter Foster (@PMDFoster) of the Telegraph to be the most lucid British journalist covering Brexit. The best journalist of all is Tony Connelly (@TConnellyRTE).


My pessimistic take from January. Although the 29 March no-deal Brexit which I then gloomily expected did not happen, I still think a 31 October no-deal Brexit is the most likely outcome.


BBC interview from April, in which I actually called it right.


Can't claim the credit for this, though I am glad to have helped disseminate it.


Start of the Brexit thread whose end I've already listed. I've found it quite a successful format.


Another tweet from the count in Magherafelt, this time from the end.


Am rather proud of this brief thread about the failures of the British diplomatic system.


I should have credited this excellent piece to @tomgauld.


Another tweet from the count in Magherafelt, from an earlier stage.


This jumped right off the newspaper page and into my brain, and resonated with a lot of other people too.


Yet another tweet from the count in Magherafelt, from the penultimate stage.


I'm not generally in favour of point-and-laugh tweets. I should have been a bit more generous here, and said that I don't share the enthusiasm of many of my friends for Fintan O'Toole's writing, and that in fact the central paragraph describing the UK government's mistakes is well-founded. But the overall thesis is completely wrong; Boris Johnson's approach to Ireland as foreign secretary was so crass that British diplomats warned Irish officials not to pay any attention to anything he said.


Another of my longer Twitter threads.


I think my best ever performing tweet with original content, this time from just after the end of the count in Magherafelt. I actually took two pictures - in the first one, only Martina Anderson was looking at me; she said my name in acknowledgement, and Diane Dodds and Naomi Long then both turned their heads to catch my eye, so that was the moment I captured with my second take.


Again, I'm not generally in favour of point-and-laugh tweets. But sometimes your restraint gives way.
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