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  • Mon, 12:56: RT @Quibilah1: Does any rational person really believe the trope that, all over the English-speaking world, lesbians are being forced to ha…
  • Mon, 13:43: RT @AndrewDuffEU: @nwbrux Well, the Spitz thing will be revived once - but not until - we get transnational lists. It's odd how @ManfredWeb
  • Mon, 14:36: RT @AlynSmith: Excellent thread from Nicholas on how the Spitzenkandidat process ain’t doing what it says on the tin and why. Well worth yo…
  • Mon, 15:38: RT @friggieri_david: Interesting thread on that very Germanically-named concept. More broadly, interesting in context of increasingly commo…
  • Mon, 16:05: RT @BadWilf: Keanu Reeves is the age Richard Wilson was, when One foot in the grave started. 54.
  • Mon, 17:11: T� ceithre leabhar is fiche l�ite agam go dt� seo an mh� seo. (Agus inniu � 24 Meitheamh.) Bh� an chuid is m� acu gearr go leor, �fach.
  • Mon, 18:34: Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters, by Justin Richards
  • Mon, 20:48: RT @davidallengreen: 'The judge said the father regarded registering a birth as the equivalent of making an entry on to a ship’s manifest'…
  • Mon, 21:27: RT @APHClarkson: The Irish state is so focused on securing a backstop for the Irish border because it has lost all trust in the British sta…
  • Tue, 08:14: RT @EdLlewellynFCO: Huge congratulations to Sir @eltonofficial on being award the 🇫🇷Legion d’Honneur by President @EmmanuelMacron for a lif…
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  • Menapii in Nieuwkerken-Waas, Nehalennia in Colijnsplaat

    Today is Open Monument Day in Flanders, but it caught me a little by surprise and I was too late to book tickets for the one thing I really really…

  • 540 days of plague

    So, the good news is that the Belgian numbers are pretty stable, with today showing hospitalisations, ICU cases and reported infections down since…

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