Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Nebula Awards Showcase 2011, ed. Kevin J. Anderson

Second paragraph of third story ("Non-Zero Probabilities", by N.K. Jemisin):
Then she starts the trip to work. She doesn't bike, though she owns one. A next-door neighbor broke an arm when her bike's front wheel came off in mid-pedal. Could've been anything. Just an accident. But still.
I wrote some of these up at the time for the Hugos (novellas, novelettes, short stories), but this collection includes all of the short stories and novelettes, so that's three out of six short stories and five out of six novelettes which were new to me. It didn't change my personal judgement that "Spar" by Kij Johnson was the best of the short stories (though neither Hugo nor Nebula voters agreed) and I enjoyed “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” by Eugie Foster best of the Novella nominated novelettes. The book also has short stories by that year's SFWA Author Emeritus, Neal J. Barrett, and that year's SFWA Grand Master, Damon Knight; and also the two poems by Geoffrey A. Landis and that year's winner of the Rhysling Award (short form), a poem by someone called Amal El-Mohtar; I wonder what happened to her? A solid collection, and you can get it here.

This was my top unread book acquired in 2011. Next on that fast-dwindling list is In Another Light, by Andrew Greig.
Tags: bookblog 2019, sf: nebulas, writer: amal el-mohtar, writer: eugie foster, writer: kij johnson

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