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  • Sun, 23:37: RT @APCOBXLInsider: North East England is first UK region to declare: Brexit Party 39% 2 seats (+1) Labour 19% (-17%) 1 seat (-1) Lib Dems…
  • Sun, 23:43: RT @EuropeElects: Cyprus: Electoral commissioner announces names of the Cypriot MEPs. DISY (EPP)- Loukas Fourlas (new), Lefteris Christofor…
  • Mon, 06:24: Good summary.
  • Mon, 08:23: RT @damonwake: Absolute peak French political TV. It's the presenter helplessly bleating "monsieur, s'il vous plait" that really makes it.…
  • Mon, 09:28: RT @AndrewDuffEU: All we can be certain of this morning is that (1) the European Parliament is more popular than its enemies hoped, (2) @Ma
  • Mon, 10:07: RT @JamesCrisp6: Word to the wise. Anyone who talks about a managed no deal Brexit is, as things stand, a bullshit artist who is either bei…
  • Mon, 10:45: RT @ParkerMolloy: So, one thing transphobes like to do is post photos of trans women who *gasp* want to compete in school sports and go “Bu…
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