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Second paragraph of third chapter:
Hordenza started. She’d been engrossed in the icefield analysis and hadn’t realised the signal from Versimmon was getting through. ‘Ah – Minister Hordenza here,’ she said. ‘Over?’
This is a novel in the Bernice Summerfield continuity, set during the Road Trip audio sequence (not that you'd really notice). It's a short book set on a world with no native animals, entirely ruled by trees; Bernice and three other women from the human colonising power have to make sense of it all. Another reviewer compared it favourably with Ann Leckie; I wouldn't go that far, but I thought the setting and language were a lot more original and imaginative than I'm used to from this series, and although the action was a bit confusing to begin with, it resolves reasonably quickly and anyway does not go on too long. Unusually, I think it would be a satisfactory read for someone who was not familiar with Benny's wider story. You can get it here.

Next in this sequence is The Slender-fingered Cats of Bubastis, by Xanna Eve Chown.


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May. 16th, 2019 08:19 am (UTC)
Ann Leckie is rather good. Few long sequences in literature enthral me, though I will except Proust, O'Brian, and Anthony Powell from that generalisation. And I guess if Gaiman's Sandman counts as a long-sequence narrative bit of er, literature, um, then I have to hold my hands up here as well.

And as I have children I know the Marvel cinematic universe in detail I would not have thought possible. Irritatingly, I now think I know more about it than I used to know about the Iliad or Beowulf or the Ulster Cycle... well if not entirely true I'm pretty sure I know all the names of the minor characters; and I'm not certain I can still do that with the collective aristeia of the Greeks on the beachhead.
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