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Second paragraph of third story ("Clara and the Maze of Cui Palta", by Susan Calman):
Clara sighed heavily, turned to face him, placed her hands very deliberately on her hips and spoke in a tone that warned of impending annoyance. 'What? Why do you keep staring at me? Have I grown a horn from the middle of my forehead?'
Four pretty good stories, two by established Who writers Jacqueline Rayner and Jenny T. Colgan (Colgan of course much better known for her other writing) and two by established writers who are new to the Whoniverse (Susan Calman and Dorothy Koomson), each featuring a companion (Sarah Jane, Rose, Clara, Bill) who makes a crucial difference to the plot. My favourite was the Twelve-and-Bill story, "Bill and the Three Jackets" by Dorothy Koomson, which had a neat bit of identity-swapping and body horror tying into Bill's own back story; I'll look out for more of her work. You can get them all here.

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