Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on social media: Facebook

The last of six posts about my media and social media profile this year (previously: traditional media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Twitter).

Facebook remains dominant among my social group, despite its well-publicised problems and issues. It takes some effort to delve into the metrics to find the most liked, commented and shared posts of the year, but here they are.

My most shared original content (not that the content was originally mine, but I'm pretty sure that I was the first to post it to Facebook in this form) was this grumpy October post about Boris Johnson and engineering:

My most commented post, with an amazing 170 comments, was this innocent-seeming meme which I linked to in January.

The second highest numebr of comments was on my gloomy post about the future of Brexit this monthL

My most liked post by a long way was about my appearance for the second year in the list of top 40 #EUInfluencers. I think the photo really helped.

The second most liked post was for B's 21st birthday in June.

U's 16th birthday picture, in a locked post from yesterday, is close behind though.

Facebook remains at the top because of its accessibility and dominance. But from the top, the only way is down.
Tags: #euinfluencers, facebook

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