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My year on Livejournal

(Fourth of six posts: see also traditional media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.)

As the tumbleweed grows deafening, I have stayed on LJ, entirely out of inertia. Some time Real Soon Now, I will switch to the Wordpress solution that a lot of other people are using. (yeah, I know, Dreamwidth; it doesn't have several of the features that keep me on LJ, and to be honest the stench of slow decay is detectable there too.)

Six of my LJ posts got six or more comments this year. (Back in the glory days, there would be dozens of posts with more than twenty.) They were, in chronological order:

11 Feb: Best Series Retro Hugo 1943 - 16 comments
17 Feb: Rebecca (1940 film and 1936 novel) - 10 comments
23 Feb: 1943 Retro Hugo for Best Related Work: C.S. Lewis on Paradise Lost, Hamilton’s Mythology - 6 comments
22 Apr: “Antwerp is not ready to elect an Orthodox Jew” - 13 comments (a better-tempered discussion than we had on facebook on the same topic)
29 Jul: Two small Hugo reforms looking for co-sponsors - 9 comments
1 Nov: Fifteen Years of Book Blogging - 8 comments

See you next year, but probably somewhere else.


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Dec. 23rd, 2018 05:19 pm (UTC)
Please leave a forwarding link :). I use wordpress for more rl blogging so my content is slightly different. Most of the features are relatively straightforward but I don't like the lack of an easy way to make tables.
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