Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on social media: LinkedIn

(Third of six posts: see also traditional media, Instagram, Livejournal, Twitter and Facebook.)

LinkedIn doesn't make it all that easy to assess the impact of your posts, which is one of the reasons I am less active there than on other platforms. However, my most successful post of the year in terms of both likes and views (views only seem to go back a couple of months), and joint top number of comments, was the announcement that I am in the top 40 #EUInfluencers as measured by ZN Consulting and EurActiv.

The second highest number of likes went to Helsingin Sanomat's coverage of my participation in Alex Stubb's campaign (with a better photo than the one they used on the paper's own website).

The second highest number of views went to my gloomy prognosis of the Brexit talks a few days ago.

The equal top number of comments were on my reposting of a Cambridge University Students Union job ad, a discussion which turned into a bit of a virtual reunion.

If LinkedIn made their metrics more transparent and also made information easier to find, I would use it a bit more often. Also it would be nice if I could embed posts here, but I can't.
Tags: #euinfluencers, linkedin

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