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The Widow's Curse, ed. Tom Spilsbury

Second frame of third story ("The First", by Dan McDaid and Martin Geraghty, in which the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones encounter Shackleton's polar expedition):

This is a collection of Tenth Doctor comics, mostly from Doctor Who Magazine (a couple from the Storybooks), four written by Jonathan Morris, three by Rob Davis, and one each by Dan McDaid and Ian Edgington; with art in three cases by Martin Geraghty, two by Rob Davis, and one each by Mike Collins, John Ross, Roger Langridge and Adrian Salmon. Of the nine stories, the two standouts for me were the title story, The Widow's Curse, by Davis and Geraghty, a creepy Caribbean story that brings back the Sycorax; and The Time of My Life, by Morris and Davis, a rather lovely farewell to Donna as a companion. I'll also note  The Immortal Emperor by Morris and Davis, which I was a bit dubious about previously and remain dubious about; and Death to the Doctor, by Morris and Langridge, which features a bunch of second-rate adversaries getting together to exact revenge, including the vaguely Irish Questor who was defeated by the First Doctor, Stephen and Dodo, I think the only explicitly Irish character in Whovian comics continuity. The only way is up.
You can get this collection here.

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