Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Putting Up Roots, by Charles Sheffield

Second paragraph of third chapter:
Even so, Josh didn't have high hopes when they finally reached the dining room. He was used to carryout meals, or eating on the run in fast-food places, because his mother was always rushing off somewhere or too busy rehearsing or studying parts to do any cooking. Uncle Ryan said that Aunt Stacy was a great cook, but it was obvious that he was totally bowled over by his new wife. He probably thought that everything she did was great, no matter how bad it was. In any case, it didn't seem possible that the reality could live up to the aromas.
This is a YA book taken from the template of Heinlein's Tunnel In the Sky; a group of young people are stuck on a planet together and have to make the best of it. I had acquired it because the viewpoint character is charged also with looking after his autistic cousin, who turns out to have magical rapport with the local aliens (yep, Disability Superpower); together they unravel the deadly plot of the evil capitalists (apology for spoilers). It's harmless enough, not great literature. You can get it here.

This was both my most popular unread book acquired in 2010, and the shortest unread book acquired that year. Next on both lists is 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem: A Poem for Every Week of the Year, by Ruth Padel.
Tags: bookblog 2018, life: autism

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