Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Doctor Who Files: 7) The Daleks, 8) The Cybermen, 12) The TARDIS, all by Justin Richards

I read four of the books in this series soon after they first came out, and have been hanging onto these three for some time. They are cheerful pieces. Each consists of about two thirds recounting TV Who lore about the subject of the book, and then a relevant short story. Justin Richards (who, as I repeatedly point out, is the most prolific author of New Who) is on form here, delivering a Dalek Empire-style tale, a contemporary kids-deal-with-Cybermen vignette, and the story of how the Doctor and Martha influenced the construction of Stonehenge. If you spot these, they are worth picking up, here, here and here.

Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 10, writer: justin richards
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