Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

World Cup, Day Ten

Poll #2082514 World Cup, Day Ten

Who will win the first match on Saturday?

Belgium will beat Tunisia
Tunisia will beat Belgium
It will be a draw

Who will win the second match on Saturday?

South Korea will beat Mexico
Mexico will beat South Korea
It will be a draw

Who will win the third match on Saturday?

Germany will beat Sweden
Sweden will beat Germany
It will be a draw

You should be able to vote using your Facebook or Twitter account, even if you aren't on Livejournal.

As for yesterday, although most of us expected France to beat Peru, only trepkos and redfiona99 also foresaw the Denmark/Australia draw, and only coughingbear also foresaw Croatia’s stunning victory over Argentina. FiveThirtyEight now gives Argentina only a 33% chance of joining Croatia in qualifying from Group D, with Nigeria not far behind on 21%. A lot hangs on the Iceland/Nigeria match today.
Tags: world cup 2018

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