Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Tumuli and church at Tienen

A few years ago I posted about a visit to the Three Tumuli of Grimde near Tienen. These are three first- or second-century Roman graves; when we went five years ago, they were covered in trees and undergrowth. (Also F, then 13, was noticeably smaller than he is now.)

The tumuli are being cleaned up. Here's B contemplating where the undergrowth used to be:

And a panoramic view showing the width of the site:

It's all under construction right now, and we probably shouldn't have gone into it, but I think it will be striking when it is finished.

Not far away is the Church of Our Lady of the Stone, another place I've been before. B was enjoying the good weather now.

Inside the church is the shrine of St Maurus, whose iron crowns may be worn by sufferers from mental disorders, hopefully offering them some relief.

And sometimes it's just nice to be inside in the cool air of an otherwise deserted place of worship.
Tags: life: family, world: belgium

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