Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

How to get the 1943 Retro Hugo finalists, Part 3: Short Stories

Due to new info coming in from Carla (thanks Carla!), I've had to split the Short Stories onto their own page! Hooray! See Novellas here, and Novelettes here.

Short Stories

“Etaoin Shrdlu,” by Fredric Brown

“Mimic,” by Donald A. Wollheim

“Proof,” by Hal Clement

“Runaround,” by Isaac Asimov

“The Sunken Land,” by Fritz Leiber

“The Twonky,” by C.L. Moore and Henry Kuttner

I haven't counted, but that's well over 100 links. I hope that they are useful!
Tags: hugos 2018, retro hugos 1943
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