Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My election broadcasts last year #AE17 #GE17

Over on Slugger, David McCann reminds us that the most recent Northern Ireland Assembly election was exactly a year ago today. I hadn't realised that the election broadcasts are almost all online, both for the 2 March Assembly election and the 8 June Westminster election. Here I am!

In part 1 of the Assembly election coverage I make no less than seven appearances, at 0:14:44; 0:42:25; 1:22:13; 2:17:42; 2:42:45; 3:43:46; and 4:15:25.

In part 2, I'm only on twice, at 0:33:00 and 1:49:13.

In part 3 I got three bites of the cherry, at 0:32:10, 1:08:30 and 1:55:45.

And leaping forward three months and six days, here's the first part of the Westminster coverage, where I appear at 00:01:58, 00:43:10 and 2:00:00.

I can't find the second half of the Westminster coverage, but my memory is that I was on again only once, briefly, at the very end.
Tags: elections, my media, world: northern ireland

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