Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on social media: Instagram

I love Instagram - it’s the only network I’m on where the default behaviour is to be kind. Add me - I’m @nwbrux there as I am on Twitter - and I’ll probably add you, if I haven’t already.

This was my most liked picture of the year, taken by Jo Honigmann in 1993, posted by me 24 years later to the day, with 114 likes.

This was the most liked photograph actually taken by me this year, on a visit to Strasbourg in May - one of those moments when you just come around the corner and a lovely image reveals itself to you; it got 69 likes:

And this was my most liked sequence, from the FACTS comic con in Ghent in October; it got 57 likes (link doesn't seem to work, try here):

Tags: instagram

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