Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My year on social media: Twitter

I used to be able to get statistics for my most successful Tweets from Crowdbooster, but unfortunately it closed down this year.

However, Twitter’s own metrics are pretty fascinating, giving you a dozen different ways of measuring impact. So here, in chronological order, are my most successful tweets by different measures this year.

Back in January, an election was unexpectedly called for the Northern Ireland Assembly, and I started preparing. This tweet got the most URL clicks of the year (872), and also earned me the most new followers (4):

Later in January I spent an evening at the European parliament watching the Catalan leadership explaining their policy and plans. This tweet was picked up by their supporters and got the most retweets of the year (129):

As the Assembly election votes were counted, I risked predicting the final tally with this tweet, which got the most hashtag clicks of the year (57):

In the immediate aftermath of the vote, this tweet got the most replies of the year (13):

This tweet linking Eurovision with the Whoniverse got the most media views (651), which I guess means those who clicked on the photograph to enlarge it:

Another election came unexpectedly in June, and this tweet predicting the final result got the most impressions by far of any tweet this year, (86371), and also the most clicks on my user profile (660):

This got the most clicks on an embedded permalink (a not very impressive 6):

And finally in December, this tweet got both the most engagements (2426) and the most detail expands (971):

This reflects the fact that the first half of the year was more exciting than the second!
Tags: #ae17, #ae17b, #eurovision, #ge2017, #uk, twitter
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